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The Accel Difference

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A Movement for the Motivated

Hey, I’m Richard.

I created Accel for you. Well, I actually created Accel for me. After many years as an active athlete, martial artist, and fitness coach, my body has seen its fair share of aches and pains. Being in my late 30s, I don’t bounce back like I did in my teens and twenties.

You make your gains by being able to train consecutive days, and if you’re too sore to workout, that’s just time wasted and life passing you by.

I needed a safe recovery product to help me get back in the gym and on the trail, fast — without all the hassle and harsh side effects. Beyond the various types of protein, amino powders and mineral supplements, I was taking Epsom salt baths and ZMA for additional recovery support. They worked well, but the ZMA didn’t agree with my stomach, and the baths were just too expensive and too much of a hassle. I wanted to take the science behind these solutions and create something more convenient, more portable, more effective – something better.

That’s when I came up with Accel.

Accel is a magnesium and zinc-based lotion that athletes can use to stimulate the muscle rebuilding process. With Accel, you can cut down your recovery time, while giving your body essential minerals it needs to perform at its best.

I wanted to start a movement – to change the way athletes recover forever.

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Ditch the Horse Pills

Are you the one choking down golf-ball sized pills in the gym bathroom? Even worse, are you the one stinking it up? We’ve been there. With Accel, you can finally ditch the horse pills, without losing the great benefits that you get from them.

Our unstoppable trio of ingredients absorbs through the skin, skipping your stomach—immediately getting to work, so you can get back to yours.

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Bulk Up Your Wallet—and Your Muscles

Most supplements are expensive, but Accel isn’t. You can speed up your recovery process at 24 bucks a tube for a month’s supply.

For a fraction of the price of other supplements on the market, your muscles aren’t the only thing making gains.

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Ain’t Nobody Got Time for Baths

When you work hard, you want to play hard—leaving little time for anything else. Epsom salt baths are nice, but they’re time-consuming, messy, and not exactly portable.

With Accel, you’ll never accidentally sting your eyes with epsom salt water while soaking in your own sweat again.

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Missing Leg Day Just Got Harder

With enhanced recovery, it’s going to be harder than ever to tell your workout partner that you’re “too sore” to get your squats in.

Accel helps you ditch the excuses. Go hard, and come back for more the next day.

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Recovery That Matches Your Resolve

I made this for us—and I want to invite you along for the ride. I encourage you to try Accel and spread the word. Together, we can change the way athletes everywhere recover, heightening our level of intensity and competitive spirit. #GainWithoutPain

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Recovery That Goes the Extra Mile

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