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Read how Accel has changed the way our users workout, recover, and gain without pain.

Clarrel Pope

Clarrel Pope

Hollywood Stuntman and Professional Martial Artist

As a professional martial artist and stuntman, soreness is a given with the constant training to maintain my level. After my workouts, I apply Accel after a shower and in less than a few hours I feel less sore than I did. Also I get a better night’s sleep since I’m not as sore and feel stronger and ready for the next day.

Sean Lenihan

Sean Lenihan

Founder The Honest Bison and Masters CrossFit Competitor

I was intrigued at first about the benefits of using a lotion as an aid for recovery. I rarely use any kind of supplements and never use any painkillers to mask the soreness that accompanies an intense training program. So this was a product I already had doubts about. I am happy to report I was wrong and that the lotion delivers exactly on what it promises: recovery from soreness brought on by physical activity. The essential minerals absorb right into your sore muscles providing relief within minutes. This enabled me to get going again with whatever activity was next. At 44 years young I’m grateful Accel has created a wonderfully simple and effective product. I’m a customer for life.

Julie D.

I wanted to thank you for your awesome product. I had muscle issues last Saturday after my ride and after 3 hours of sharp pain in my leg, I applied Accel and the stabbing pains dissipated! I used it again the next day, and had no issues. I’m completely sold on it! My daughter will come to town this weekend from Boston to run the San Diego Marathon, and I will bring it along for sure! Thanks again for such a great invention.

UPDATE: Accel Recovery Lotion worked incredibly well once again. My daughter and her friend ran the San Diego marathon this weekend and they both used it. After applying it, my daughter was walking and going up/down stairs as normal – this usually isn’t the case after having run 26.2 miles! Her friend was in pretty bad shape after running, but also used it and said it helped. I would love to buy 2 more from you next time I see you!
One for me (since I gave mine to my daughter) and one for a friend. 

Laura G.

I just wanted to express my thanks to you guys and your product! I am in the process of training my mom for her first ever race and it being a half marathon! She hasn’t done anything like this in her entire life and is really stepping up to the challenge of the training program that I am putting in front of her. Yesterday we did a big “leg day” and had a big run day the day before. Woke up this morning so sore and she could barely move without stiffness and muscle soreness. I remembered I had some sample packets and rubbed the lotion into her calves and quads. Within probably 5 mins she was able to move with full ROM and little muscle soreness. We will be investing in getting more of this product to help our training days to come. We are only 26 days in and have another 14 weeks to go! Thank you again because you have made this road even easier now!! Much gratitude!! 

Christian A.

I just started using Accel lotion a few days ago so far I absolutely love it. It helps you avoid being sore the day after a hard workout. I hiked San Gorgonio (17 mile hike) and applied it on my legs after the hike and I was able to go for a bike ride the day after. I love not being sore!! I will definitely recommend it and Accel will be part of my daily workout regimen. 

Brad G.

As an avid cyclist, Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, and Registered Nurse I am always looking for ways to recover faster and perform better. I use Accel before I go to bed and it immediately puts me in a relaxed state allowing my body to get the rest it needs for optimal performance on the mat, the bike, and in life overall.

Matt M.

I am writing a personal review of Accel recovery lotion. I am a lifelong martial artist (tae kwon do, capoeira, boxing and Brazilian jiu jitsu) with many years competing and coaching on the national level. I also enjoy action sports such as Mountain Biking, Snowboarding, and CrossFit. Training is a big deal and a way of life for me.

About 2 years ago my wife and I had our first son. Combined with long hours at work and caring for our son I no longer had the time to put into my old training regimen. Because of this I fell out of shape and started a long road to getting back into my old self. When I started back into training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the first day back I felt horrible. I felt like I was hit by a car. The training was too intense for m, and I had to wait an entire week just to go back again. This happened 3 more times and I was really debating on giving up on training until I was introduced to Accel recovery lotion. I said I would try to train one more time, and I did, and it was grueling. When I got home I took a shower and then applied the lotion liberally to my body and remembered having the thought “Well let’s see if this s*** works.” The following morning I woke up and said to myself get ready to be sore and started to get out of bed. I sat up and said, ”Wow, I am actually not sore”. I also looked at the clock and I slept a deep 7 hours. I was amazed at the recovery and was actually able to go to class the same day.

I have used the lotion in other situations as well. This past year I went to Mammoth Mountain for the first time in 5 years, and the first time snowboarding in even longer. We covered the entire mountain and traversed back. I was so sure that the following day I would be broken. I used the lotion generously and the following morning I was completely functional and able to ride the very next day.

I know I sound like an infomercial, but this stuff really works. I have gifted it to my wife and brother as well. I highly recommend this product.

Jack S.

After retiring from playing professional soccer, recovering from high-intensity workouts became extremely taxing. It would take 2 or 3 days to recover. After using Accel as part of my post workout routine, my recovery time is back to what it was when I was in my prime. 

Kim I.

I play beach volleyball, and still manage to get sore every time I play. A couple of weeks ago I tried Accel for the first time after a day of playing. I noticed a difference the next day when I wasn’t as sore as I usually had been previously. I continued to use it for another day and was so excited with the results. Accel got me back on the court faster by reducing how sore I was from being active.

Michael S.

Working out has never been my cup of tea. Not because I don’t enjoy being healthy, but because I couldn’t stand being completely bedridden for days after working hard in the gym because of sore muscles. Accel has changed everything for me. Now I just apply it after I workout and my soreness in the days after is reduced substantially. Not only that, but I’m experiencing the best, most restful sleep of my life because of it. I love this product. I would recommend it to anyone.

Liz P.

I workout regularly and run a lot. I’m no pro athlete, but I definitely get sore after my daily workouts. Sometimes a good beach workout can put my legs out of commission for several days. First time using Accel, I was able to workout the very next day. My body wasn’t in near the pain I usually experience.
It’s a perfect substitute for daily lotion because it’s moisturizing without feeling greasy and it works on your muscles throughout the day. Plus, the zinc in it helps me sleep at night. If I apply before bed, I’ll go into a pretty deep sleep and wake up feeling much more rested.

Alex B.

I do a lot of cardio in the form of running and long distance roller blading. Accel has become a standard part of my recovery routine. Previously, sometimes just hours after working out, I would feel aches and thought this was just part of the body’s healing process. Thanks to Accel my recovery has become less about dealing with pain and more about planning my next brink session!