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Created For Athletes. By Athletes.


We get asked why we started Accel a lot. And the shortest, most direct answer is because we needed it.

As athletes with varied backgrounds of physical activity, from weightlifting and yoga to cycling and martial arts, we just always felt kinda beat up. The more we pursued our sports, the more sore we were—and the harder it became to recover properly.

We knew magnesium, zinc, and MSM were important parts in muscle function and recovery but we just couldn’t find a method that worked. Supplements are costly, confusing, and cause digestive distress. Salt baths were nice but time-consuming, messy and not exactly portable. A few lotions existed but they were too greasy or too thick and left us feeling icky.

We decided to create the treatment we would want to use ourselves. A lotion that helped us get back on the road/barbell/mat faster, was easy to apply, and reasonably priced. It took a few years of testing and research to get to this point, but we think it was worth the wait!

Accel Active Recovery Lotion is the first in our (hopefully!) long line of athletic recovery aids to come!

Thanks for riding, lifting, running, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, boxing, kicking, grappling, flipping and vinyasa-ing with us!